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They say, “no one size fits all”. What’s your take on this statement?

At Vision in Word, we are firm believers of this statement, and this is why our focus is on making sure that your content is available in a wide variety of formats.

After completing his education, Thabo Baseki began studying ways to provide support services that would help bridge accessibility gaps. Out of that goal, Vision in Word was born. The name Vision in Word reflects the idea that Thabo must rely on the spoken word and speech synthesizers to visualize what his eyes are unable to see.

We provide an array of complementary services to meet the needs of both people with and without disabilities. From our typing services to our audio production, our accessibility solutions and more, we aim to make the world as inclusive as possible.

Our Mission

Reach a wider audience. Don’t unintentionally exclude anyone. Easily find what you need in your content through search.

All these are the benefits of having your content transcribed, and our mission is to help you with our high-quality and readable professional word processing and transcription services. Thanks to this service, many can be reached with your powerful message, your course, meeting notes, and more.

We pride ourselves on informing you that accents variations and unique terminologies are not an issue to us. With our commitment to research, we are able to transcribe everything spoken as it is, without compromising or distorting information.


Enough with the talking, explore our services and hear from those who have worked with us.

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