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Thabo Baseki and a flower

I help audio and video content creators gain their time back by providing them with transcription service


Hello, I am Thabo Baseki, founder of Vision in Word. I am glad you could stop by to read up a little about myself.


Let’s Start from the Beginning

I was born blind. However, I am proud that against all odds I managed to, and I am still conquering my disability. In fact, to me it is no longer disability, but my way of living. One way I have richly gifted myself was by starting a business that I call Vision In Word. This name holds a significant meaning to me as it communicates my full reliance on speech and what I hear since I do not have sight.


How I Can Help You

I know how valuable information is, and no one should lack it. My great passion is in ensuring that everyone gets equal access to information shared on the web, hence why I specialize in word processing and transcription services, making sure that your work is typing error free, readable, and accessible to everyone. I have worked with fantastic people such as Marlana Semenza (host of Your Iconic Image podcast), Ioana Hardy (Impactors Group), and volunteered to handle documentation work for Youth Network for People with Disabilities. Don’t just take my word for it, check their feedback and experiences here.

I am a self-taught sound/audio editor, and this has enabled me to independently produce my own podcast (BlindSmart) which I script its episodes, record, and transcribe them. Book a call with me today and learn how I can become your one stop source for your podcast needs.


My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Community Development, which enables me to be so much concerned about accessibility for everyone. It also includes a certificate in Job Access with Speech, a computer program that helps me take care of my digital tasks.


Let’s Connect and Interact

BlindSmart blog

BlindSmart podcast

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