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A Sudden Change

blocks spelling out the word "change"

Unexpected changes affect us all in one way or another. Are you having to modify your way of life because of disability? Rest assured, you are not alone. Many who are living with a disability have risen in their career ranks despite the odds. From teachers, specialists to programmers, the list goes on; Authors like Rowena Koloi, singers like Ray Charles and many more. Whenever you feel disheartened, ashamed, lonely, unworthy, look up to these people and you can be assured of greatness and tolerance of your difference. No one ever wishes to live with any form of disability, but the best way to go about it is to accept yourself first, and deal with everything as it comes.

For every change in your life, there must be adjustments to suit the moment. This will depend on the efforts made, too. Always take heed of your feelings and emotions, especially when you feel low, pour it all out and seek support of some sort from the ones you trust. Do not blame yourself on your status. Join Non-Government Organizations that will help you accept yourself and help others too.

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