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BlindSmart: Celebrating One Year of Blogging and Growth

fireworks in the night sky indicate a celebration is happening!

Wow! Such a remarkable year! It's hard to imagine that my blog, BlindSmart, has been active for a full year already. The process of creating weekly articles has been an amazing adventure full of difficulties, development, and, most importantly, joy. I feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness and happiness when I reflect on the last year. I was unable to handle it alone. I want to acknowledge and thank two people for their devotion, hard work, and support in helping me make it a success.

Thank you, David Branscome, for all the effort you put in behind the scenes to make sure each piece was published on the website on time. This blog's appearance and functionality are entirely due to your skill in website maintenance, your inventiveness in incorporating relevant media, and your inspiration from your encouraging comments. I value the time and work you invested in making this site a success. Furthermore, you frequently shared articles with me that I might utilize for study for the upcoming blog post, my friend. You organized the many persons I would speak with while writing the article, and you even suggested useful strategies for getting the word out about this crucial topic to a wide audience. What else can I add to "thank you for believing in me, for believing in the growth of what I envisioned"?

Tsaone Mosweu, I'd like to express my gratitude for providing me with the chance to discuss disability at various gatherings, which sparked the idea for this blog. The caliber of the content on my blog has greatly benefited from your ongoing assistance with article reviews and advise requests when needed. May your contributions continue to benefit, not only blind individuals, but everyone seeking to learn about us.

Not acknowledging the guest posts we hosted on the blog would be a grave sin. This gave my readers the chance to learn from people who are either blind or have impaired vision in addition to learning from me. Thank you so much, for your willingness to come out and talk about your experiences.

And of course, I want to express my gratitude to all of you, the readers. I value your support and your interest in the content we provide, whether you are a new reader of the blog or have been following it since it first launched. I am appreciative of your comments and encouragement, which spur me on to keep creating useful and pertinent stuff for the blind community.

I'm delighted to share upcoming plans as BlindSmart enters its second year, including the creation of audio versions of articles. Working with the diversity of folks who have offered to help with different skills is something I am looking forward to. There is more to come, so I urge you to pay attention and never take a break from reading the blog, not even for a second.

So, what topics have we explored over the past 12 months? Over the previous year, we wrote about a wide range of topics, from assistive technology to accessibility in public places. I've discussed my personal experiences as a blind person and provided helpful suggestions for anyone who might be dealing with comparable difficulties. And throughout it all, despite the difficulties, I have made an effort to maintain my optimism and hope.

However, the relationships I've established through my work are what I'm most proud of. The reader reactions and comments have been incredibly motivating. It is an incredible feeling to know that my words have touched people and that I have been able to change someone's life.

As I mark a year of providing you with such a significant information, I would want to convey my thanks. Thank you for your inspiration, challenges, and encouragement. I'm curious to see what the upcoming year holds.

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Apr 15, 2023

Congratulations 🥰

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