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I’ve Got the Idea. You’ve Got the Design

Blind woman and sighted coworker

I guess you will certainly agree with me if I say finding a job is a tedious process, won’t you? It’s even worse when you live with some form of disability. How will you work with us? I have received this question multiple times during my job search. Simply put, if you are sighted, I’ve got the idea, you’ve got the design!

Let me take you back to my academic life and show you the power of a collaboration between a sighted person and a blind person. On studying and participating in curricular activities, at one point we were assigned to create artwork and lead seminars. I have been part of a team where I helped come up with the idea of a poster while my sighted classmates did the actual design. This turned out well, allowing us to walk away with the second position in class, and it just goes on to show the easy collaboration possible between both the blind and those with good sight.

As long as we meet the job requirements, do not hesitate to give us a space in your organization. Check with the applicant to understand what their specific needs are and provide just that to make the work environment conducive for them, offering them an opportunity to be as productive for you as their sighted peers.

Embrace diversity and inclusion by having us as part of your organization.

Did You Know?

There are over one billion people living with disabilities worldwide, (states World Health Organization). No doubt there is someone within your community! If you do have someone living with disability in your organization or are helping them enhance their skills so as to make a living independently, you are the best. You deserve much credit, and you are in fact promoting an inclusive economy. In order to hire someone with disability, see them as differently abled, not as disabled persons.

Why Hire Someone Living with Disability Instead of Just Providing Them with Some Support or Assistance?

  • Companies that have people with disabilities work for them assists their customers who are living with disability better than those that do not have them in place.

  • Increases innovation in your company as your products are created with accessibility needs in mind.

  • Encourages inclusion and diversity within the organization/company

  • Holding a job gives human dignity, and we want that too

Remember: I’ve got the idea. You’ve got the design. May this motivate you to see the value in a person despite their disability.

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