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The Power of Human Senses

Many are often amazed when they find out that I know them by various characteristics. My understanding is that when you can see, you rely mostly on what you see to make a conclusion.

For instance, you recognize someone by their face, don’t you? No wonder the introduction of mask-wearing in 2020 had an impact on socialization. Talking to me, a friend said this, “You have an advantage over us when it comes to wearing a mask because I find it difficult to see when I have my mask on. I also find it hard to recognize the next person,” said Nthabiseng, a former classmate.

Woman wearing a COVID mask

There are different ways I use to recognize the next person, such as their perfume, their voice, and their footsteps. Some people have their own way of shaking hands with you, and that also helps in identifying who the person is, even before they can say a word. I can go as far as paying close attention to how a person is breathing in and out, just to make sure that I have something unique that identifies them.

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