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When Sighted People Say Funny Stuff to Me!

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Let's dive into a hilarious and curious world today. We're talking about the funny things sighted people sometimes say to blind people. It all started with a question from a curious mind named Banabotlhe, who asked, "What strange things do sighted people say to blind people?" Buckle up, because we're about to uncover some real gems that'll leave you chuckling!

  1. "Can you see my hand right in front of you?" Imagine someone asking a blind person if they can see something that's right in front of their face. It might sound silly, but believe it or not, it happens! You see, we can't see at all, so asking us about stuff we can't see is pretty puzzling. It shows how much the world relies on sight in everyday lives. One thing to note though is, we can feel the shade of an object in front of our eyes. So, I can’t see your hand in front of my eyes, but I can feel it as you move it in front of my eyes.

  2. "Wow, you're so brave!" Now, this one might sound like a compliment, but it can be a bit puzzling for us. Sure, living without sight takes some serious courage, but for us we often see it as just a part of our regular life. Celebrate our strength without making us feel like we are superheroes!

  3. "You're so lucky; you never have to worry about how you look!" Here's a funny one. Some people think we don't care about our appearance since we can't see ourselves in the mirror. But guess what? We still care about how we look! We take pride in our style and personal grooming, just like anyone else. Looks - like appearances - can be deceiving, right?

There you have it, my friend! The funny and sometimes puzzling things that sighted people say to blind people. These encounters remind us of the quirks of human communication. But let's remember to be curious, respectful, and understanding when we chat with blind individuals. By embracing empathy and bridging the gap between different perspectives, we can create a more inclusive and awesome world. So, let's keep the laughter going and spread some kindness along the way!

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