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Word Processing and Transcription Services 

Let your documents speak for you. Project your slides with confidence. Have your information organized in a database. 

Do more with our word processing and transcription services in less time. Focus on other important things while we handle administration work for you. Prices for this service vary from one document to another.

For transcriptions, you will be charged as little as $0.30 (BWP3.50) per minute. 


What is covered? 

  • CV/resume writing 

  • Cover letter 

  • Personal portfolio 

  • Proposal writing 


What is covered?

  • Reports 

  • Database management 

  • Non-destructive, yet intuitive presentation slides 

  • Interviews transcription 

  • Audio/video Content transcription 

  • Press Conferences transcription 

  • Podcasts transcription 

  • Dictation transcription 

  • Real-time meeting transcription 

  • Braille transcription 

Braille Literacy 

Whether you have print challenges or are just interested in learning Braille, let us give you some skills. This is only available for customers living in Botswana.

Pay as little as BWP800/mo. 

What is covered? 

  • English Braille grade 1 

  • English Braille grade 2 

  • Transcribe text to Braille using a computer 

  • Practice sessions 

  • Online quiz and in-person practice test 

Accessibility Solutions 

Count on our service to ensure that your content is accessible to blind/visually impaired people. For only $30-$100, ensure that your content is accessible on the worldwide web. 

What is covered? 

  • Web accessibility testing: Let us examine your website and suggest to you actions you need to take to ensure that your website is user friendly to screen readers and to the eyes of partially sighted individuals 

  • Audio descriptions: Have video content? Or have books with a lot of graphics? Let us help you describe these to blind people so that they can also learn from your valuable content. 

  • Audio books: At Vision In Word, we have eloquent readers who will bring your book to live by turning it into an audio. Imagine listening to your own book as you drive! 

  • Braille transcription: Let’s turn your articles, books, and other print information into Braille Ready Files which you can post on your website for blind people to grab and read for their leisure. 

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