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My Companion Service 

Born without sight?  Deteriorating sight?  

We understand how painful life without sight is. “What I hate the most about being blind is the idea of being stuck in one place when there is no one to take me to the place I want to go,” said one individual in an interview with Vision In Word’s attempt to creating an inclusive environment for the blind. 

“I am always annoyed when I have dropped a coin and I don’t know where exactly it is, but I need to use it,” said Thabo Baseki. 

We are delighted to introduce the My Companion service. A group of volunteers who have helped Thabo have come to an agreement with Vision In Word to assist blind/visually impaired people at no cost. This is aimed at making running errands easy for beneficiaries, boost their independence, and simplifying day-to-day activities. In some instances, the beneficiary may need to cover costs if the assistant is not able to do so. This program is currently available in Gaborone, Botswana only. 

What help do I get? 

  • Have a trusted individual take you wherever you want to be at a time convenient for you during working hours. 

  • Arrange for a video conferencing call to read items such as menus, labels, and more. 

  • Select matching outfit with the help of a sighted person via video conferencing. 

  • Have someone help you find that fallen coin (or some other object) remotely. 

Introduction to Accessibility Training 

Wondering which devices to use for your specific needs? Don’t know where to start exploring your device? We are here to help you pick the best device/software for your needs and not only that, but we will also help you get the most from it. 

A Moment Without Sight 

We are happy to announce and invite all to come and experience our interactive video series titled, "A Moment Without Sight". Here, sighted people are given an opportunity to experience life blind. Let’s explore how well you can do with your four senses: hearing, touch, taste, and smell. We hope this will be a practical lesson, and allow you to be more helpful to blind people. 

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