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Stay "in-the-know" with BlindSmart, a show dedicated to sharing experiences and providing answers to questions you have wondered about.


In some of the episodes I feature stories of blind people,  those associating with them, and experts in different blindness fields such as therapists, accessibility consultants, Braille transcribers, and audio descriptionists.


While you wait for new episodes, be sure to check my weekly blog at where you will find more on this subject.

Episode 1 - How It All Started
In this episode of the BASIC podcast, Thabo Baseki explains his journey with Vision In Word. He discusses how he makes and keep clients, lessons learned, and services offered by Vision In Word.

Episode 2 - Learn and Apply Technology In Your Business
In this episode of the BASIC podcast, Thabo Baseki and Layla Laron interview Mr. Amit Ganguly of Blessed IT Solutions. Mr Ganguly provides his inisghts on the changes he has seen in technology over the years and how to make the best use of technology in your business.

Episode 3 - Free But Powerful
The World Health Organization states that there are 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide. Since the pandemic, the use of internet in the business world has grown significantly. What effect does this have on blind people? What tools do they need to be able to cope? In this edition of the BASIC podcast, Quintin Christensen of NV Access joins us to talk about the Non-Visual Desktop Access screen reader. NV Access provides this screen reader at no cost. How are they able to do that? How does the program compare to paid solutions in the same industry? Find answers to these questions and more on this episode.

NV Access is inviting NVDA users to share their success stories with them in a video form. All videos are to be in English, or if non-English language is used, you are requested to provide a translated version of your video. Footage should be sent to

Episode 4 - Your Ears, Your Fingers, and Your Friendly Companion (JAWS)

Granted power to perform beyond anyone's imagination: JAWS gives you more than enough features to enjoy working with your Windows computer. Want to know how you can get the most out of it? Glen Gordon and Elizabeth Whittaker from Freedom Scientific take us on a JAWS tour. Freedom Scientific produces robust products and services for blind and visually impaired people, including JAWS. This program is made by blind people, with blind people in mind, for blind people, why not get your coffee and snacks then join us?


Download JAWS:

Contact the training department:

Contact FS Cast: 

Episode 5 - Create Accessibility, starring Michael Hingson


Do any of the words inclusion, accessibility, assistive technology, usability, or user-friendliness ring a bell? Some of the key words for people with impairments are those mentioned above. But what do they really mean? How can we make sure that persons with disabilities can access our digital goods and services?  This episode of BlindSmart features an icon. Michael Hingson, who was born in 1950, has been blind from birth. His fascination with technology has allowed him to witness its development, including the rise in accessibility through time. He now works for a business that aids in making the internet accessible to those with disabilities. As he leads us on a voyage of accessibility, pay attention.


Resources From Michael

The Unstoppable Mindset podcast may be found at, which is also Michael's personal website. 

The AccessiBe official website:

Michael is willing to talk at events on accessibility and how he and his guide dog worked together to help him survive the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center.

You can contact Michael at or

Episode 6 - Ask a Blind Person (Part 1) - Featuring Lefentse Seofela

A passionate fan joins the panel in this episode of BlindSmart to ask Thabo Baseki some crucial questions about being blind. Get a blind person's unvarnished opinions. Did you know? We welcome any questions you may have. Please drop them in the comments section or send an email to if you have any. You can also post a question on our "Blind Smart" Facebook page. The subsequent episode of the "Ask a Blind Person" series on this podcast will make sure to include them. Hosted on Acast.
See for more information.

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