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Be An Aid to People with Disabilities

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

A man helping another person to climb

(In his article, the acronym PWDs is used to represent people with disabilities)

In all communities there are people living with disabilities. Are you reaching out to help such ones? Doesn’t it make you happy to help someone in need? How can you help them? It will surely take an effort to do so. Little things matter - such as your choice of words when talking to them.

Inclusiveness of PWDs by the mainstream society is preached globally, but are you part of it? If yes, then good going! Keep doing your best! If not, identify ways to assist them as soon as you can. Start with arranging a meeting to find ways on how to help them. Check on the accessibility and variety of services provided for them. This includes the availability of ramps for wheelchairs in public places, ensuring there is enough lighting in buildings for the visually impaired, audible sounds for those with hearing impairment, written or visual presentations with subtitles and or sign language use, and so on.

Social support also adds vitality to the family of PWDs as they deal with emotional challenges every day. Be there for the ones in need. Rethink your questions to avoid rubbing people the wrong way. Every year on the third Thursday of May, it is Global Accessibility Awareness Day - a day set aside to formulate ways to make the world more accessible to PWDs.

Why not make a goal to participate and learn more?

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