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Do Blind People Date and Get Married? If So, How?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

This has been a top requested answer to the questions I have ever received. Just as it is the case with any other human being, we are created to long for a relationship, to spend our lives with those that we admire. Learning this answer you might ask; how do you fall for someone you’ve never seen?

NB: These are my personal opinions; I do not claim that all blind people view this matter as I do.

Evidently, our way of life shape how we feel and approach different areas of life. In my case, I do not have to see someone to conclude that I love her. I am a firm believer that “looks are deceiving” and “you don’t always get what you see.”

Of course, I have traits that matter to me in choosing a partner. To get the ball rolling, I need someone who is spiritual, supporting and encouraging me to fulfill my goal of serving God. It is easier for me then to trust that individual to be safe around her in a world that is full of unreliable people, seeking to take advantage of others.

I prefer someone who is industrious, someone who is patient enough to assist where I will need her hand, and someone who values hygiene. Do physical characteristics matter to me? Of course, I have my preference! For instance, I prefer someone shorter than me, someone I consider having a pleasant voice, someone who takes good care of herself, someone who assists willingly whenever I ask for her help.

What Do I Need to Know When Dating a Blind Person?

If dating a blind person, I commend you for looking beyond what your spouse can’t do and be willing to spend your life with them. If you are still dating, try these suggestions, and when you get married, you will already be accustomed to helping your partner:

  • Always communicate: Think about this, what will happen if you move items around the house and don’t alert your partner of the changes?

  • Appreciate their capabilities and what they are unable to do: Does knowing this not put you in a better position of assisting your partner, and giving them the opportunity to assist you where they are able as well?

  • Choose entertainment that favors both of you: What will happen if you go to a zoo that does not have animals your partner can pet?

  • If affordable, have within your house, technology that can enable your partner to be as independent as possible: Consider a scenario when you will not be around, tired, or held up with other duties.

Getting married to a blind person is never a difficult process. Learn, apply, and enjoy!

The following is an interview video of a husband who has a blind wife. Get inspired!

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