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Visual Dreams?

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What do you think?

Researchers tend to disagree when it comes to dreams of the congenitally blind. Some experts argue that people who were born blind do not see visual content in their dreams, just as they do not see anything visual while they are awake. Others, however, beg to differ. (Credit Tom Ryan here:

As much as there are varying degrees of blindness, it is my belief that the way we experience dreams as blind people differs too. I was born blind, but I am one individual who imagines seeing a lot of things, everything that happens around me. One biology study argues that we often dream of something that we have either seen during the day, talked about, given a thought about, and similar situations.

Do I Experience Visual Dreams?

Yes! In all my dreams I experience a detailed vision, including colors. This is even enhanced through the use of sounds, smell, taste, and tangible items in the dream. However, I cannot verify whether what I see in my dream appears the same way in reality.

When discussing this with people, the next question I always get is, since I visualize my dreams, do I ever experience nightmares? Absolutely! In my own world I guess, I know what scary looks like, and I always view my dreams as taking part in a movie.

Do I Enjoy Seeing in My Dreams?

Very much. I love seeing what’s happening within my dreamland. Of course, I have had dreams where I am just blind, and I never love those. I embrace the ability to see. Be thankful for that - it is such a wonderful experience.

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